We believe hiring and retaining high caliber personnel with diverse experience are priorities at successful firms. To this end, our hiring process is unusually thorough, while our employee-retention rates are unusually high. We believe this is one of our core strengths.

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Sam Borland

Kris Brooks

Andrew Bruner, CPA, CFA

Clinton Burkes

Lauren Eastburn, CFP®, CFA

Fred Gifford

Josh Golub

Steve Halley, CIMA®

Terry Irrgang, CFA

Matt Keeter

Tom Knapp, CFA

Bo Ladyman, CFA

Tate Lambeth, CIMA®

Phillip Lorren, CIPM®

Dennis McKinney, CIMA®

Paul Power, CIMA®

Will Reynolds

Jake Shirley

Kate Spora

Keith Telesca, CIMA®, CFP®

Barbara Trivedi

Shea Van Gelder

Ian Zabor, CFA